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Acrylic painting Uptown Jazz Funk by Angela  Green

Uptown Jazz Funk

Uptown Jazz Funk is a colorful painting bursting with rhythmic energy.  This painting has a lot of texture and 3-D elements included.  I included a real feather on the hat.  One of the stars were created using wood.  There is also another object used that may be difficult to detect. At the end of the trumpet, there is a CD to create the circle effect of the trumpet.  I had an old CD that was scratched, so I primed it with gesso and I painted on top of it.

This painting is unframed, but the sides are painted for easy display. It is also wired properly and is ready to hang. The materials used in this painting includes acrylic, acrylic markers, watercolor pencils, watercolor, feather, wood, CD, and ink.

$300.00 USD